Party, party, party…

Get ready, reader. Lots of party pics coming to you from both the Chi Omega’s spring formal and my fraternity’s spring parties day. Spring parties is basically when the fraternities set up an out door hang out area and the entire campus (Greek and independent!) comes over to hang out, eat crawfish, and dig their toes in the sand. This year we had live music by an awesome bluesy cover band, Keith and Margie, in addition to 600 pounds of crawfish! Even though it was the coldest spring parties the college has ever seen, it didn’t affect the turn out at all (just the attire).


The night party featured a rave by a DJ we hired from Texas. Their lights and speaker system were insane! We all had a crazy time and went back to our rooms sweaty, hoarse, and more than just a little deaf. It was a great break from all the tests and papers I was working on all week!


Anyways, this is my last blogpost for the semester. I’ve had a blast writing about my junior year, and I really hope this has given you a glimpse into the everyday life of a Millsaps student! You know how I like posting pictures, so I leave you with some shots from the Chi Omega spring formal. I hope you all have a great summer!

Two Gorhams and two Arceos

The formal was at the Eudora Welty Commons in Jackson. Here, we pose with Eudora

The presidents

On the porch

My pledge class. Good times!


Kings of Step (and Community Service)

This past week was a busy one! Last Wednesday was the annual Greek Week Step Show, in which the Greeks form teams and compete for eternal glory. Our weapons: coordinated slaps, claps, stomps, and random yelling. I was, for the second time since pledging Greek, on the winning team. Victory is so, so sweet.

A video of our performance is coming soon, so below is a little something to tide you over until then. It’s my first ever vlog, featuring a step-off around campus between me and another teammate. Enjoy!

Then, last Friday was the annual 1 Campus 1 Community Midtown Block Party, in which we open our gates to the Midtown area of Jackson and have games, food, face painting, and other great stuff for the whole community. It’s definitely one of my favorite events we have on campus. This year, I got to work the health fair doing blood pressure and glucose tests to screen for diabetes with Alpha Epsilon Delta, the prehealth honorary. It was a great experience that gave me skills I can use when I’m a doctor!

Photos by Casey Holloway

There I am…


The football team comes out too!

Sara Del Castillo, a Zumba instructor who started a flash mob dance!

March Madness has nothing on April Absurdity

You can go ahead and credit me with coming up with the term. There is so much going on with my life this month, from planning a joint party with two other fraternities for this weekend, to writing papers and studying for tests, to practicing for the Greek Week step show this Wednesday, to going to sorority formals! Sometimes it feels overwhelming, but I guess it comes with being an older college student.

Check out these photos from the Tri-Delta formal the other weekend. I hope y’all have had a good Easter holiday!






Eve of the Seventh Season: like Christmas Eve but better


photo by Marc Rolph

This past Sunday evening was the annual Eve of the Seventh Season, a Millsaps ritual designed as a symbolic transitioning of juniors into seniors (hence the name “seventh season,” which is the fall semester of one’s senior year). The junior class walks around campus along a candle-lit path to learn the history of various Millsaps landmarks and the symbolism behind them. I was elected by my peers to speak at one of seven stations, which was a great honor for me! Afterward, we gathered in the Weems House across the street for a reception. It was nice to get to catch up with all of my fellow juniors over croissants and cocktails. Senior year, here we come!







Major Radness

So Major Madness was last weekend, and it was pretty swell. Friday night was a Millsaps Night at the local burger joint/bar, CS’s (see past entries to check out some photos of the place). There was a ton of people and it was great to see so many students and prospectives at one of my favorite restaurants in Jackson!

After CS’s, SAPS (our event planning group) and the admissions office threw a concert in our Hangar Dome featuring DJ Charlie White and the band Motion City Soundtrack. The DJ was mega-crazy-awesome and while the band wasn’t exactly my taste in music, I really enjoyed their vibe and they put on a really good show. The lead singer even hung out with some of our students and prospectives after the show!



The next morning was the crawfish boil. For those of you who live above the Mason-Dixon Line, a crawfish (or crayfish) is a small crustacean that is often boiled in large quantities with spices, potatoes, and corn. As always, this event had a ton of people and used a ton of paper towels (there’s no neat way to eat crawfish!). This weekend was a great transition into the last third of the semester.






Hey readers!

Hope you’ve all had a great spring break. Here are a few pictures from my week in Miramar Beach, Florida:

My friends Kathryn and Laura

Genevieve and Victoria are awesome (Victoria didn’t tell me to type this)

Baytown in San Destin. It’s purty

Madeleine, my blogging rival

These guys are cool too

– – – – – – – –

This past Saturday was Jackson’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. As a local, I’ve actually never gone before this year. It was definitely surprising to discover that it is a huge event for all Jacksonians (the third largest in the nation!) and it was so much fun. I’ll definitely make this a new annual tradition!

Admissions Office reunion!

The Pink Ladies

What wears all green and has no eyes?

Chili for Children

Hey readers.  As I kind of foreshadowed last week, this past weekend was my fraternity’s annual Chili Bowl to raise money for Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital.  It was a fantastic event, with many faculty, students, and Jacksonians converging in our plaza to enjoy good music and delicious chili.  Well, I’m a little biased about the music (considering the fact that I was performing it!), but the chili was definitely varied and entirely delicious.  We ended up raising over $6000 for the children’s hospital!  It was a fantastic day to be a Major.


Our youngest fan came to greet us during our break.  It was nice meeting you buddy!


RBI (Rafael, Bobby, Ian) playing the hits


The judges at the Tri Delta table


The honorable judges Dr. Gail Megason, Dr. Robert Pearigen, and Emily Hildebrand