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Living a Balanced Life (just kidding)

As if I knew the secret to that (if anyone does, please inform me). This week is gearing up to be (and has been) particularly crazy. On top of my packed schedule (balancing class, labs, work, and extracurriculars), I have three (three!) tests to study for.

The first is in General Bacteriology, which details the morphologies, physiology/metabolism, diversity, and ecological importance of various prokaryotic organisms. The next is in Organic Chemistry I, which examines compounds containing carbon (it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds). My final test is in Molecular Cell Biology, which is your basic biology class on steroids, focusing on the cell’s structure and function at the micro scale. Individually, all of these classes are fascinating but whenever their tests run into the same week, my life becomes an exercise in time (and stress) management.

There are times when I wonder how my fellow students and I balance it all. Being a Millsaps student is a diverse experience; a typical schedule can have you going to class, performing a recrystallization of an organic compound for lab, then working out in the HAC, then learning sign language, and then passing legislation in the school senate (all in the span of a day). While sometimes I feel exhausted, I know that doing all of these things is helping me to become a more well-rounded, responsible person that will (hopefully) be ready to greet the real world.

On a more fun note, I just got out of my bacteriology lab and got some cultures back after a week of incubation. Our goal was to isolate individual bacteria in a mixed culture using various dispersion techniques. The first is a picture of three streaks: one a radiant streak, the other two quadrant streaks (try to guess which ones are which!). The second shows three cultures made using the pour-plate method, which basically dilutes the mixed culture until one gets only a few bacteria (which replicate and make those large dots). Cool stuff!




Tailgating and Trinity

This past Saturday, the football team played Trinity College on our home turf. Home games are awesome because various student groups tailgate behind the south end zone. Students dress up and set up tents, couches, and risers. Tailgating becomes a social event, with food trays, lawn games, and people grilling out.

We lost 10-3 unfortunately but everyone got to spend the afternoon in the sun.






Bid Day Adventures

Just this past weekend was perhaps one of the most fun things that happens in the fall semester:  Boy’s Bid Day.  The culmination of almost a month of informal rushing, bid day can be pure carthasis for both Greeks and rushees.  Case in point:

Each house has a really fun outdoor activity; foam pits, slip-n-slides, and moon jumps are just a taste of the festivities one can sample while roaming fraternity row.

The day starts with the rushees gathering in the Student Life Center early that morning.  They are taken upstairs in groups, pick up a bid if they are given one, and meet up with their fellow new members in the Bowl, where they are painted up in preparation for the run.  When the last rushee is done, the new member classes run all the way from the bowl to their respective houses.  Utter chaos ensues.

I really enjoy bid day each fall; a lot of the campus comes out to support and share in the celebration.  New friends are made, clothes are ruined, and good times are had by all.

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Rafael Arceo and I’m a junior at Millsaps from Ridgeland, MS. I’m majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. I hope to go to medical school right after graduation (let’s all keep our fingers crossed!). I’m a senator with the Student Body Association, a Foundations leader with FYE (the Freshman Year Experience), and an active member of Greek life. My time at Millsaps has been amazing so far… I can’t wait to see what adventures await in my junior and senior year!