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Chili for Children

Hey readers.  As I kind of foreshadowed last week, this past weekend was my fraternity’s annual Chili Bowl to raise money for Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital.  It was a fantastic event, with many faculty, students, and Jacksonians converging in our plaza to enjoy good music and delicious chili.  Well, I’m a little biased about the music (considering the fact that I was performing it!), but the chili was definitely varied and entirely delicious.  We ended up raising over $6000 for the children’s hospital!  It was a fantastic day to be a Major.


Our youngest fan came to greet us during our break.  It was nice meeting you buddy!


RBI (Rafael, Bobby, Ian) playing the hits


The judges at the Tri Delta table


The honorable judges Dr. Gail Megason, Dr. Robert Pearigen, and Emily Hildebrand








Spring is here… and not early enough

This Saturday is my fraternity’s 12th annual Chili Bowl to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network and Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital, which is just right down the street from Millsaps. Each year, about 20 teams compete to earn eternal glory/a chili trophy. It’s always great to see so many Millsaps students come out and support us (though I feel like the idea of endless samples of chili is more than enough to draw a crowd).

There’s a tradition that runs back to the event’s founding that has each pledge class provide live music during Chili Bowl. Since it’s my pledge class’s turn this year, I will find myself Saturday morning in front of an electric piano singing and playing (and hopefully not butchering) some classic songs. In my very humble opinion, this alone should be worth the price of the $5 admission. I’ll definitely post some great pictures next week, so keep an eye out for them!

Also, it’s worth noting that it’s finally springtime here in Millsaps. For the first time since probably November, it’s the right weather for shorts. There’s a fantastic slideshow on the Millsaps website of the various trees that have bloomed in the fair weather. Check it out here:

While I was studying outside the other day, Dr. Lola Williamson decided to take advantage of the sunny afternoon and do yoga with one of her religious studies in the Galloway Lawn. It looked so peaceful outside, and I’m sure all that stretching and breathing really helps with managing stress!


You’ll find that experiences like these aren’t uncommon in a Millsaps class, whether you’re studying philosophy or biology. More often than not, professors will take your education outside of the classroom and out into the world! Another particularly cool example was the classics department staging a Spartan battle formation in the Bowl. Armed with PVC pipes and shields, they were quite a sight to see on your way to lunch. You should definitely make a point to take a class whenever you visit campus. You might be lucky enough to experience something really special!

Happy Ferris Wheel Day! (and other holidays to get your mind off of Valentine’s Day)

Go find your local amusement park today and join thousands of celebrants who observe this annual holiday that is often overshadowed by that other holiday. Who doesn’t love ferris wheels? Actually, I don’t really like ferris wheels (it’s something about the dip right as you’re going beneath the curve that scares me on some fundamental level). But the point is that you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day, right?

If ferris wheels aren’t your thing, you can make a difference (and potentially save a life!) by going down to your local DMV and registering as an organ donor for National Organ Donor’s Day. You even get a little red heart on your driver’s license!

If you’re from the great states of Oregon or Arizona, you can observe the anniversary of gaining statehood in 1859 and 1912, respectively. If you’re in Georgia, you can catch a reenactment of the Battle of Kettle Creek from the Revolutionary War in 1779. Another cool fact: Alexander Graham Bell applied for the patent for the first telephone on this day in 1879. Where would the world be today without telephones?

But perhaps the most well-known other-than-Valentine’s-Day-holiday is its antithesis, Singles Awareness Day. Nationwide, those without plans for the evening realize that they are, in fact, single. Luckily, to take my mind off either of these holidays, I’ve got a hot date with a classroom full of my peers and one of my favorite professors at Millsaps in my medical anthropology class (conveniently scheduled from 6:30-9). It’s a very fascinating class that’s teaching me a lot about the medical culture I will be (hopefully) immersed in a few years!

On a side note, yesterday was a cool day in the organic chemistry lab. We synthesized nylon from sebacoyl chloride and hexane-1,6-diamine using microscale interfacial polymerization. Check out the picture and video!


Goin’ down to New Orleans

I know these past few posts haven’t been very fun, but enough with the gloom and doom!  This past weekend was my fraternity’s Initiation Formal in New Orleans.  After checking in at the hotel, we headed out to Ralph and Kacoo’s for dinner in the French Quarter.


After dinner, we walked out to the craziest thing: a Mardi Gras parade! Apparently it was the first one of the season, and we were able to catch a little bit of it before heading over the House of Blues.

I kind of went crazy with the pictures when we actually got to the venue, so enjoy these highlights!

In front of the iconic main entrance (nice wig, Madeleine)

John Lisi and the Delta Funk

Oh Dan...

My date Wrijoya and I

After a night on the town, we spent the next day strolling around the French Quarter and enjoying the weather.

Walking to the Market Cafe in the French Market (the jambalaya is killer!)

Two of our friends got dragged into a live street show. Crazy!

A view of the Mississippi