Happy Ferris Wheel Day! (and other holidays to get your mind off of Valentine’s Day)

Go find your local amusement park today and join thousands of celebrants who observe this annual holiday that is often overshadowed by that other holiday. Who doesn’t love ferris wheels? Actually, I don’t really like ferris wheels (it’s something about the dip right as you’re going beneath the curve that scares me on some fundamental level). But the point is that you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day, right?

If ferris wheels aren’t your thing, you can make a difference (and potentially save a life!) by going down to your local DMV and registering as an organ donor for National Organ Donor’s Day. You even get a little red heart on your driver’s license!

If you’re from the great states of Oregon or Arizona, you can observe the anniversary of gaining statehood in 1859 and 1912, respectively. If you’re in Georgia, you can catch a reenactment of the Battle of Kettle Creek from the Revolutionary War in 1779. Another cool fact: Alexander Graham Bell applied for the patent for the first telephone on this day in 1879. Where would the world be today without telephones?

But perhaps the most well-known other-than-Valentine’s-Day-holiday is its antithesis, Singles Awareness Day. Nationwide, those without plans for the evening realize that they are, in fact, single. Luckily, to take my mind off either of these holidays, I’ve got a hot date with a classroom full of my peers and one of my favorite professors at Millsaps in my medical anthropology class (conveniently scheduled from 6:30-9). It’s a very fascinating class that’s teaching me a lot about the medical culture I will be (hopefully) immersed in a few years!

On a side note, yesterday was a cool day in the organic chemistry lab. We synthesized nylon from sebacoyl chloride and hexane-1,6-diamine using microscale interfacial polymerization. Check out the picture and video!



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