Major Radness

So Major Madness was last weekend, and it was pretty swell. Friday night was a Millsaps Night at the local burger joint/bar, CS’s (see past entries to check out some photos of the place). There was a ton of people and it was great to see so many students and prospectives at one of my favorite restaurants in Jackson!

After CS’s, SAPS (our event planning group) and the admissions office threw a concert in our Hangar Dome featuring DJ Charlie White and the band Motion City Soundtrack. The DJ was mega-crazy-awesome and while the band wasn’t exactly my taste in music, I really enjoyed their vibe and they put on a really good show. The lead singer even hung out with some of our students and prospectives after the show!



The next morning was the crawfish boil. For those of you who live above the Mason-Dixon Line, a crawfish (or crayfish) is a small crustacean that is often boiled in large quantities with spices, potatoes, and corn. As always, this event had a ton of people and used a ton of paper towels (there’s no neat way to eat crawfish!). This weekend was a great transition into the last third of the semester.






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