Kings of Step (and Community Service)

This past week was a busy one! Last Wednesday was the annual Greek Week Step Show, in which the Greeks form teams and compete for eternal glory. Our weapons: coordinated slaps, claps, stomps, and random yelling. I was, for the second time since pledging Greek, on the winning team. Victory is so, so sweet.

A video of our performance is coming soon, so below is a little something to tide you over until then. It’s my first ever vlog, featuring a step-off around campus between me and another teammate. Enjoy!

Then, last Friday was the annual 1 Campus 1 Community Midtown Block Party, in which we open our gates to the Midtown area of Jackson and have games, food, face painting, and other great stuff for the whole community. It’s definitely one of my favorite events we have on campus. This year, I got to work the health fair doing blood pressure and glucose tests to screen for diabetes with Alpha Epsilon Delta, the prehealth honorary. It was a great experience that gave me skills I can use when I’m a doctor!

Photos by Casey Holloway

There I am…


The football team comes out too!

Sara Del Castillo, a Zumba instructor who started a flash mob dance!


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