Party, party, party…

Get ready, reader. Lots of party pics coming to you from both the Chi Omega’s spring formal and my fraternity’s spring parties day. Spring parties is basically when the fraternities set up an out door hang out area and the entire campus (Greek and independent!) comes over to hang out, eat crawfish, and dig their toes in the sand. This year we had live music by an awesome bluesy cover band, Keith and Margie, in addition to 600 pounds of crawfish! Even though it was the coldest spring parties the college has ever seen, it didn’t affect the turn out at all (just the attire).


The night party featured a rave by a DJ we hired from Texas. Their lights and speaker system were insane! We all had a crazy time and went back to our rooms sweaty, hoarse, and more than just a little deaf. It was a great break from all the tests and papers I was working on all week!


Anyways, this is my last blogpost for the semester. I’ve had a blast writing about my junior year, and I really hope this has given you a glimpse into the everyday life of a Millsaps student! You know how I like posting pictures, so I leave you with some shots from the Chi Omega spring formal. I hope you all have a great summer!

Two Gorhams and two Arceos

The formal was at the Eudora Welty Commons in Jackson. Here, we pose with Eudora

The presidents

On the porch

My pledge class. Good times!


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